Welcome to my Blog!! I will post some fun and exciting things I get to do so you can grow along with me!! 

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Doggy School:

In July I started going to Doggy School so I can play with some new friends that have fur=)!! My first day was a BLAST! I got to run around in the big backyard they had and I played with a lot of different dogs. Each dog looked so much different that my mommy, daddy, and my Aunt Heather but they like to play with toys too! It was so much fun to get to play with them all day because we had so much fun running around and playing with each other! At the end of my First Day of School my Aunt Heather picked me up and I was so excited to see her! I couldn’t wait to see my mommy and daddy and my other friends at A+. Getting to go to school is a lot of fun because I get to play with other dogs like me! I love School! The best part is when my daddy picks me up and I get to go back to A+ to see all my other friends, my mommy, and my Aunt Heather!

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Ms. Heather is my Best Friend!! I love her so much!! She taught me how to say please, I love you, and now she is trying to teach me how to dance in a circle and say thank you! She also likes to dress me in minion clothes and carry me around! I just love her! She is so much fun!

Guess who I got to meet?!?!? RONALD MCDONALD!! He didn’t give me a happy meal but he was SUPER NICE! Ms. Heather brought me some chicken nuggets and apple slices (which I love!) in a happy meal with a fun toy for lunch!

My Mommy and Ms. Heather love to take pictures of me; they say I am so cute. The top two I just came back from a walk with my mom. The bottom two are funny! I look see through in one and the other one looks like I am sticking out my tongue:)

I was a SUPER HERO for Halloween with two of my Friends Hannah & Claire. I had so much fun at our Fall Carnival walking around! They gave me SO MANY TREATS!

Guess what I got?!?!? A BRAND NEW PINK POOL!! It’s so HOT outside and it was so much fun playing in the pool with some of my School Friends!

A Day in the Life of a Kindergartner is SO HARD!! I did a GREAT JOB Reading!!