Early Preschool

The Early Preschool Program (18 months through 3 years old) is offered for full and half days with choices of 5-days or 3-days. It is a dynamic group that is divided into two class levels. Both classes use Creative Curriculum a research-based preschool program. This style of teaching, also known as learning by play/discovery, is used in each classroom to build a fundamental basis for development and learning. Our goals are to:

  • Build a trusting relationship with each child
  • Provide responsive, individualized care
  • Create environments that support and encourage exploration
  • Ensure children’s safety and health
  • Develop partnerships with families
  • Observe and document children’s development in order to plan for each child and the group
  • Recognize the importance of social/emotional development
  • Appreciate cultural, family, and individual differences
  • Take advantage of every opportunity to build a foundation for lifelong learning
  • Support dual language learners
  • Include children with disabilities in all aspects of the program
  • Send home evaluation & assessment reports four times a year and to make Parent-Teacher Conferences available to facilitate communication between the school and home.

Young children are in the most vulnerable and important period of life. Care and experiences they have should be nurturing, consistent, and loving. Every day you can see exciting chaEarlyPreSchool1nges as children learn to trust, joyfully explore the environment, make discoveries, care about others and begin to see themselves as competent learners. Toddlers and twos who receive high-quality care are more likely to become sociable, capable preschoolers who get along with others, demonstrate self-control, and love learning. The Creative Curriculum for toddlers and twos is reflected through experiences and routines. It focuses on the importance of meeting basic needs, fostering social/emotional development, developing secure attachments, and supporting cognition and brain development. Experiences include:

  • Playing with toys
  • Imitating and pretending
  • Enjoying stories and books
  • Connecting with music and movement
  • Creating with art
  • Tasting and preparing food
  • Exploring sand and water
  • Going outdoors

The opportunity to have a positive influence on children and families depends on the quality of the program you provide. Early Childhood Education research has identified the factors that define a quality program for toddlers & twos. Caring for children under age 3 is too important to leave to chance. Our teachers are intentional about what they do each day in their work with children and families. That is how we offer a comprehensive, developmentally appropriated curriculum.