Our private Kindergarten program is open to all Kindergarten age childrenKindergarten. Advance placement into the program will be considered on an individual basis.  

Our Kindergarten program provides a dynamic, hands on program designed to teach and enhance all objectives of the Texas Essential Knowledge and  Skills (TEKS).  Please review the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills as set forth by the Texas Education Agency. These are the same objectives used by all Public schools in Texas.

In addition, our program encourages children to go beyond the Kindergarten level, learning at their own pace and reaching higher academic goals.

Our class hours are 9:00AM – 2:30PM Monday through Friday. We follow the same calendar as the Plano ISD. After 2:30PM and on non-class days, the children may attend our afterschool program. This program provides quiet; teacher supervised homework and reading time in addition to fun, supervised free-time activities for students.

Our Kindergarten year end objectives are:


  • Counting by rote 1-100
  • Visual recognition of numerals 1-50
  • Visual recognition of number words 1-20
  • Understand and successfully use the concept of addition and subtraction with one and two digit horizontal and vertical equations
  • Tell time on the hour and half hour
  • Count by 2’s ,5’s, and 10’s
  • Distinguish between whole, half and quarter
  • Recognition of money by denomination and determine its worth

Language / Phonics / Writing

  • Visual recognition of all upper and lower case letters in random order
  • Identify vowels and consonants and their different sounds
  • Put together beginning and ending blends with vowels to form words
  • Construct a grammatically correct sentence with a naming and action part and proper punctuation
  • Copy text from paper and from board to paper with little or no help and with few errors
  • Construct a story using both pictures and words
  • Write poems and autobiographical information
  • Write all letters with correct information and placement
  • Write first and Last name
  • Construct simple letters and cards

Science/ Social Studies/ Foreign Language

  • Develop and understanding of how science effects daily life
  • Understand the growth process in plant life, mammals, and humans,
  • Understand the aspects of our local community and the world community
  • Learn about our government and its leaders past and present
  • Understand and appreciate our cultural differences and similarities
  • Know their names ,address, age , phone number and how to use these in an emergency situation

Reading Comprehension

  • Identify the jobs of an author and illustrator
  • Identify the parts of a book
  • Learn to care for and read a book properly
  • Understand that written words have meaning
  • Reading on a minimum Kindergarten level with little or no assistance
  • Develop a love for reading and the knowledge and power that books hold