Exrra Curricular Activities

A+ Is Very Proud To Provide Various Curricular Activities For Our Children

– Spend more family/quite time together! –


At A+, we believe that children need the experiences and socialization with their peers that comes from extra curricular activities. We also understand that, in our society where both parents oftenmusic2 work, it is difficult to coordinate these activities into an already busy day.\ We are proud to offer a variety of extra curricular activities to our children as part of their regular attendance at A+ Prep School:

  • Foreign Languages (Designed to Expose the children to new languages and cultures)
    • Spanish
    • Chinese
  • Music Class
  • Music Practice Room
  • Computer / Technology Activities

  For a small additional charge the following activities are available:

  • Sports/Gymnastics
  • Dance Lessons
    • Ballet
    • Tap
  • Piano Lessons
    • Group
    • Private


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