Kids 4 Kids Program

Sept. 17, 2010

Dear Parents –

Here at A+, we feel that it is important to teach our children both to appreciate what they have and to help others who are less fortunate. To work toward these goals, we have established a program we call ‘KIDS 4 KIDS’.

The first project for this program is to raise money to provide Christmas gifts for some needy children in our area.

The afterschool class will be preparing, marketing and selling popcorn and cookies for 6 weeks to raise this money. They will begin by selling at our Fall Carnival and will sell each Friday in the evening until Dec. 3rd.

We would like to have you encourage your children to earn money by doing chores around the house, helping grandma, etc. They could then use this money to purchase these goodies and thus help in the cause.

In addition to the afterschool class sales, we are going to donate all the profit from our Fall Carnival and Fundraising to the KIDS 4 KIDS FUND.

Thank you for your help in this endeavor for encouraging your children in this important project.   A+ Management