Our Teachers

A+ Teachers are loving, caring and professional

– Your kids are our kids –

Every A+ child is unique & special to us. Children in our school shine because they know everyone here loves them and cares about them. Our parents have peace of mind because they know that each and every member of the A+ staff is there to watch over, help, and guide their child. And, because we are all concerned and aware of the needs and strengths of each child, we are able to provide a comfortable, secure place of learning for your child.


Ms. June who is our Lead Teacher for Kindergarten holds a B.B.A in Fine Arts. Ms. June carries over 30 years of child care experience including Elementary Education.   Ms. June has a creative way of cultivating art into the educational experience of children through her methods of teaching math and science. She is also very creative in her way of teaching the children how to read through phonetic comprehension and play. She is truly a brilliant asset to A+. Her artistic creativity in the classroom brightens the minds of the children and keeps them motivated for more.    




Ms. Megan & Ms. Daisy: Both of these ladies have over 5 years of experience teaching Early Childhood Education working with primarily 18 mos- 5 years in age.              Ms. Megan and Ms. Daisy are working towards their Bachelor Degrees and are a great asset to our school.  Their expertise is instrumental to our school. They lend their talents through art, story telling, music, and creative play which are so important to our little ones as they grow. Ms. Megan is our Lead Pre-K Teacher and Ms. Daisy is our Lead Preschool Teacher; both Teachers create such a diverse atmosphere that only lends to the positive growth and learning of our students.


Ms. Heather is our Assistant Principal of Operations and Curriculum                                                          at  A+ Prep School.  She has over 17 years of experience Teaching in Early Childhood Education as well as Managing in Private Schools. She holds a Bachelors in Early Childhood/Business Administration, a Master’s in Education, a Master’s in Business Management, and going back to school to complete her PhD in Business Management. She has worked with age’s 12 mos-13 years of age over her many years of educating in early childhood and works closely with all of the Teachers at our School as well as all of our Families to create a warm fun loving, yet educating environment for all. Her passion and dedication to early childhood education makes her a true asset to our family at A+ Prep School.


Ms. Ashley is our Lead Teacher for Early Preschool. She has over 5 years of Experience Teaching and taking care of children. She has such A Calm and Gentle Spirit about her that just flows throughout the classroom. Ms. Ashley’s creative way of  teaching brightens the minds of the children and keeps them encouraged to do more. Her love of teaching early preschool really makes her a great member of our family.