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From: Alissa

I gladly give the A+ Prep School 5 stars. They are so amazing with my son. He has a lot of anxiety, and they have been so patient and understanding. So much so he chose A+ over other summer camps. Thank you A+ for loving on my boy so well!!



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Ms. Sherry, PLEASE feel free to use any or all of the email on your website!!
I truly mean it when I say that A PLUS PREP SCHOOL gave Alexander his amazing start. You guys developed a rock-solid foundation in him, and he had no where else to go but UP from there! He was introduced to music, a foreign language, and karate at A+, not to mention an outstanding academic program (and believe it or not, he loves spinach pizza today because of A PLUS!:))
Thank you so much for all you have poured into his life, and for being such an important and UNFORGETTABLE part of our lives.
We appreciate and love you.
Melody Barnes 214 535 xxxx

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Dear Melody:

I read this with tears.  I am so proud of this young man.  Hope I can make it next Tu or I will send him a e-mail.

Can we use your e-mail in our website?  Of course the e-mail addresses will be blocked.

Thank you for sharing the news with me and let me be part of his life.



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Ms. Sherri, look what A PLUS Prep School produces!

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Sent: Sat, Mar 6, 2010 11:30 am Subject: It’s NOT football, cross country, track, karate, or the swim team this time…

…even though he was or is currently involved in all of these…

Nor is it Orchestra this time either — even though he auditioned for and made All-Region Orchestra and is trying out for University Interscholastic League Orchestra (UIL) next week…

O taste and see that the Lord is GOOD!!

We are blessed, honored and proud to humbly announce that at 7:00 p.m. on Tuesday, March 9, 2010, Alexander Lewis Barnes will be inducted into the National Junior Honor Society (NJHS) at Fowler Middle School.

You guys have been there to watch Alexander grow and develop in so many ways, and we just wanted to share this with you to let you know that your many prayers and your relentless support continue to pay off!!

Please join us in thanking God and congratulating Alexander for this prestigious accomplishment. If you’d like, you may email Alexander at albplaxxxxxx – or if you feel more comfortable sending it to me, I will definitely forward it to him.


Marvin, Melody and Alexander Barnes


Please scoll to the bottom to see Mrs. Barnes’ comments 7 years ago.


From: Linda 

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Subject: A+ Prep School: The Best School in Town

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Hello Mrs Sherry

I just wanted to take time out to thank you for being a beautiful person. I had
my children Peter Jr, and Victoria in your school in 2006-2007. I then
relocated. My children and I really miss A + Prep School. they learned a lot and
they were very happy. We could not find a school like yours anywhere. Your
school is so unique and excellent that I wish you had a school in every state.
Tell Ms. Lou and all the Staff that victoria and Peter said Hi. You all keep up
the good work. I will be back soon and will stop by to see you all. Ms. Sherry
you and your staff went beyond and above many times to help me and my family.
Thank you for everything. You were truly a life saver for us. We Love you and
Miss you!

Love Linda, Victoria & Peter Jr




From: Stephanie Fay

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Subject: Lexie Fay


Hi there!We got the re-enrollment notice and I wanted to let you know in writing that Lexie will be leaving A+ at the end of this school term on June 5th.We have LOVED A+ and everyone there.It has been a wonderful year and we will be sad to leave.However, we are also excited to enjoy Lexie’s first official summer vacation before she begins 1st grade.


We will keep you updated on official testing and such for your records, but we have little doubt that Lexie will leave A+ fully prepared to start 1st grade at The Education Center, a public charter school in Aubrey, this Autumn.Should we have more children and need a school for them, rest assured, you will always be our first choice.


With warmest regards,


Stephanie Fay



Dear Ms Sherry and Staff,

I was asked by Ms. Sherry to write a brief testimonial about my experiences as a parent of three A+Plus student’s.  I have three boys (exactly, need I say more) that have been with Ms. Sherry for several years. One of the first things that truly impressed me is that I could address any issue with any of the teachers and it was always taken care of very promptly and in such a positive manner. My boys have always loved going to the school. As a parent this is very comforting knowing your child is happy, safe and well taken care of.  I have found that in every class the boys have been in as they moved up through the years have a strong bond with the teacher.

My oldest continued at A+Plus for Kindergarten last year and he has become such a great artist and grew so much educationally. He has become such a smart young man. Torey has a true love for Ms. Margaret. What a difference Ms. Margaret made in Torey and all his classmates. He is passionate about things that we never thought he would be so passionate about. She took so much time and energy and put it not only into Torey but to all the students that completed Kindergarten 2008 at A+Plus. The graduation ceremony itself was so amazing.

I must say the reason I am so impressed with the school is that the school puts much time and energy into every child and finding unique things about all of my boys and bringing them to full potential. My older boys are able to count in both Chinese and Spanish most of our friends and family finds that amazing how very smart the boys are. I am so very thankful to Ms. Sherry for taking such care of every detail at the school. There is truly nothing comparable to A+Prep school.  With Torey starting public school in a few weeks, I can only hope he gains from Elementary school what he has learned from A+Plus. I could not recommend any other school to any friend or family other than A+Plus. Thank you Ms. Angela also for all the hard work and time you put into the school also. All of the teachers are and have been incredible.

Krissie Kinser-Carr 08.12.2008



When Ms Sherry asked me if I could share what I feel about A+, I immediately said of course! A+ Prep School has helped me and my son, Ethan, in so many ways that I can’t even begin to describe how much I am grateful.
The staff at A+ makes us feel welcome and at home every morning when my son gets to school. The energy and friendliness has helped my son off to a good start each day.

The teachers at A+ are very caring. They sincerely care for the children and treat them like their own. Whenever Ethan would get sick or have some disciplinary issues, his teacher would immediately contact us. The communication between the teachers and the parents is very open and consistent.  As a parent, I really appreciate the teachers, candidness. I feel safe and comfortable leaving my son to such dedicated professionals.

When I was in the process of selecting a school for Ethan, I visited every school in our neighborhood. I chose A+ because it has the most important things that I value: 1. friendly and family-like atmosphere; 2. diversity; 3. dedicated teachers; 4. director’s philosophy of teaching; 5. broad curriculum and 6. safety.

My husband and I thank A+ for all the good things they possess and for the help and the positive influence they have on our son!



To My Friend).


As far as I know, A+ currently has openings for 2.5 year olds as they’ve moved to a new larger facility just this past month.  I’m not sure about the fall, but I know you could probably put a deposit down to hold a spot for (Your Child).  I will forward the e-mail to A+ for you.
A+ has been a wonderful school for Faith & Hope.  They attended three other preschools before we were fortunate enough to find A+.  They’ve now been there more than a year and a half.  Please visit them when you’re able to after you return home with (Your Child) so you can see if it seems like a good fit for your family.  Also, please visit their web site at www.aplusprepschool.com
Our children have learned so much since attending A+.  For example, they already know how to say some simple words in Chinese, and they know the name of every color in Spanish.  Also, they can even tell us what colors you mix together to make another color, etc.  They really seem to enjoy going to school and they tell us how much fun they have and how wonderful their teacher is.  I can’t be more pleased with our experience thus far.
I know you are busy packing and getting ready to leave for China, but please feel free to call me when you return home if you have additional questions or want further information.  I can be reached on my cell phone or at home.
We will be thinking of you often as you embark on this magnificent journey.  Have safe travel, and we can’t wait to see you all when you return home.
Best wishes,




“Hi! My name is Brendan Hayes

and my 6-year-old son Weston has been participating in the After School/Kindergarten program at A+ Prep School for more than a year now . During this time I have seen an increase in Weston’s academic performance. He achieved his Public School Milestones early in the year. He was exposed to spelling, math, and reading concepts, some of which are not introduced into the public school system until 1st grade.
I have been pleased and grateful to the A+ Staff for finding ways to help him become more successful in his self-discipline and study habits. He participates in a reading program and Tae Kwon Do which both encourage self-discipline. These skills are essential to strong academic performance.
I am looking forward to his continued success as he enters the 1st grade this fall and participates in the after school and enrichment programs. A+ has a close-knit family feel and each child is treated as an individual”.



“My name is Natalie Diaz.

My son has been enrolled at A+ since January 2002. The progress he has made has been remarkable. I can’t begin to say enough wonderful things about this school and the staff there. My son had a very difficult time at other schools he had attended. Teachers and doctors wanted to put him on medication, which I was very opposed to. Ms. Lee was the first teacher that actually said, “Don’t medicate him. Give me one month”. I knew then, that this was the place for my son. He has thrived since he has been here. They truly CARE about each child and cater a program that fits their individual needs. His social skills have dramatically improved. He just turned 5 and he is reading and can speak some Spanish and Chinese. It is just amazing! A+ was the best thing I ever did for my son and for myself!!! I will eternally be grateful for the difference they have made in our lives . He did so well in the pre-k program that I wouldn’t dream of sending him anywhere else for kindergarten. I just wish they offered a full elementary program so he could stay here for years to come!!!”



I’m Melody Barnes,

and I have a few choice words to say about A+ Prep School…FABULOUS!…STELLAR!…MAGNIFICENT!… STUPENDOUS! And that’s just to name a few!
My son Alexander is thrilled to be a part of the A+ Prep School family. I say family because that is just how they make him feel – like he is at home. I love the academically charged atmosphere that’s so intricately woven with the nurturing of home. I absolutely love it! But more importantly, Alexander loves it! My husband Marvin and I were a bit apprehensive about starting Alexander in school. A+ Prep School would be his first experience…and, suffice it to say, I wish it could be his last! (If only they were K-12 AND collegiate…oh well, I guess you can’t have it all!) Not only did A+ make Alexander’s transition into school-life smooth, they also made such an impression on him that even after seven months, he’s still not ready to leave when it’s time for me to pick him up!
Alexander began as a pre-K student in the Fall, but before the year’s end, he had accelerated into the Kindergarten program. Now of course every parent considers his or her child as brilliant, and I, no doubt, am any different; but, what I believe attributed to Alexander’s advancement and enhanced his success, was the “over-the-top” instruction he received. The teachers are superb! (Kudos, Ms. Lee!) They teach your kids, and they love your kids – a unique combination in this day and time. The director, the instructors, the aides…everyone is incredible. They all take a personal interest in your child’s overall well-being. They offer a balanced yet diverse prospectus to ensure that your child is not only academically, but also physically, socially, and emotionally well-rounded. I believe Alexander is more than equipped to move on to the next level (and, as well as they have taught him, he could probably skip a level or two!).
I can’t stress enough how divinely pleased I am with A+ Prep School. My only disappointment comes in knowing that since Alexander will be ready for first grade next year, we’ll have to “settle” for the A+ After School Program…although, that’s not a bad deal, either! I am proud and feel privileged to say that we are a (pleased) part of the A+ Prep School family; and, I would highly recommend any of their programs, because they are all designed with the same principle in mind…EXCELLENCE!


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