Our A+ Teachers


Ms. June is our Lead Kindergarten Teacher and holds a Bachelors Degree in Fine Arts and Education. Ms. June carries over 35 years of Early Childhood experience which includes Elementary Education.  Ms. June has a creative way of cultivating art into the educational experience of children through her methods of teaching math and science. She is also very creative in her way of teaching the children how to read through phonetic comprehension and play. She is truly a brilliant asset to A+. Her artistic creativity in the classroom brightens the minds of the children and keeps them motivated for more. Her greatest joy about Teaching Kindergarten is watching the children get excited when they learn how to recognize a word and are able to read a book! The joy that happens in those moments are truly priceless!



Mrs. Thanesha is our Lead Pre-Kindergarten Teacher and has over 15 years of experience teaching Early Childhood Education working with children primarily 2-13 years in age.  Mrs. Thanesha has Bachelors Degree in Nursing and a RN and recent Master’s Degree Graduate in Behavioral Therapy. Mrs. Thanesha always knew Teaching was her calling and she found passion with Teaching while in High School. She has such a Wonderful quality within her personality that creates a Loving, Fun, and Educational environment for all of our children within the classroom. Each day is an Adventure for Mrs. Thanesha  in the Pre-Kindergarten Classroom and she absolutely loves watching them learn and grow each day.


Ms. CC is our Lead Early Preschool Teacher and has over 5 Years of Experience Teaching Early Childhood Education and holds an Associate Degree in EC Education and is currently pursuing her Bachelor’s in Behavioral Therapy. She has worked with students 2 Mos-10 years in age and has a wonderfully diverse background in early childhood education. Ms. CC has a passionate, loving, and encouraging personality with all the children. Her playful, loving, and creative personality creates a very warm and loving environment for all of our students. She finds so much joy in playing with the students as they learn and just simply watching them grow.

Together these ladies expertise and diversity in education is instrumental to our school environment. They lend their talents through Art, Story telling, Music, Language Development, and Creative Play which are so important to our little ones as they grow. Both Teachers create such a diverse atmosphere that only lends to the positive growth, development, and learning of our students.


Mrs. Meagan is our Office Manager. She has over 5 years of experience in Early Childhood  is a Holds an Associates in Early Childhood and is a current student Studying Child Development and Family studies  with a minor in Psychology for her Bachelors Degree. Ms. Meagan is the outline of what A+ Prep School is all about with her philosophy on Teaching Early Childhood Education and understanding the realms of what it means to be a leader within our school. Her passion and creativity along with spirit and young energy flow throughout our school. 


Mr. Andrew is our Lead  Preschool Teacher. He has over 5 years of Experience Teaching in Early Childhood.  He holds a Master’s Degree in Civil Engineering and Mathematical Engineering.  Mr. Andrew  has such A Calm, Loving, and Energetic Spirit that just  flows throughout the classroom. His greatest joy about Teaching is being able to see the children’s faces glow in their natural curiosity and willingness to learn new Things.  He has a huge heart for children and we know that his creativity & positive attitude bring a Fun and Positive learning environment to the classroom.


Ms. Emma is our Lead Infant Teacher and has such a wonderful heart for children. She shows that everyday in the classroom. Ms. Emma has over 5 Years of Experience in Teaching Early Childhood Education and has a true passion for helping our little ones grow and learn every single day.  Her creativity, energy, and love flows throughout the classroom. Ms. Emma says, “That teaching and helping young children learn and grow each day is a true joy to her heart.”