Garden Club

Before we Started our Garden Ms. Heather taught us about Gardening and what plants need to grow and how to care for them in our Garden. We had to get the Ground Read for our Plants. We are tilling the ground and placing Blocks around so the Bunny Rabbits won’t get in. Ms. Malinda showed us a trick on how to kill the grass so we can build our Garden.




Mrs. Thanesha’s Pre-K and Kindergarten class made their own garden this school year.  First they learned about plants and gardening during class. Then they planted and grew tomatoes and strawberries. Here are some pictures of the tomatoes they produced.


Our Garden is Really Coming together! See the Report from Miss Cheyenne and Miss Gabby who are our Garden Reporters!


To the parents of young gardeners, Hello!

We worked on the garden today, it was a lot of fun!  We laid out the soil, fertilizer and put it down in the garden.  We all LOVE being a part of the garden club.

Sincerely, Cheyenne


Hello, today we finished the garden and planted radish and lots more!  We had so much fun, it may be messy but in the end, it all comes together.  It also builds bonding time.  The best part is we will get to eat the fruits and vegetables.

Sincerely, Cheyenne and Gabby



To All parents –

On Thursday, we got started planting our plants for our garden.  It was a BLAST.  We also found a worm to put in the soil (it died after I put it in there.)  Today we checked on our plants and watered them.

Sincerely, Gabby



To all parents,

On Wednesday, we planted some more seeds to grow.  When some people were planting, some people were learning a different way to plant – The cutting method.

On Thursday, we broke Styrofoam to fill some holes which could grasp the roots.

We also planted green onion to grow which we used its chopped roots.




Dear Parents –

Yesterday we checked on our plants and watered them. We found a tomato! Everything is growing so fast, even the smallest plants.

Today we made compost with watermelon skin, banana skin and much more. then we added it to the dirt and smoothed it out. Everyone had so much fun!

Sincerely, Cheyenne




Dear Parents,
We checked on the plants and what we did not think would grow something but it did. It was so exciting when we first saw it , who knew that cucumber grew so fast. We are so excited and can’t wait to eat all the plants we grow.

In Walking club, we picked up trash, when we left the bike trail, it was so clean.

We are proud of the work that we did.

Sincerely, Cheyenne


Dear Parents –

Today we practiced our vocabulary and ordered worms?
We watched a video on how to set up our worm bin.
We learned how to treat the worms and the things they need to survive.
Worms can not have colored paper or copy paper because it has a type of chemical in it that can harm the worms.
Garden club is a blast.

Sincerely, Cheyenne



Today we collected leaves and crumbled egg shells which we put it in the garden.
We collected a lot of leaves – two bags full !!!
We have so much progress with the plants.

We are waiting for the worms to get plump and stuffed.
The worms we have are red worms.
Garden club is so much fun.

Sincerely, Cheyenne



Dear Parents, today we studied more about worms.
We figured out the worms we have like coffee grounds.
The worms sure are in for a ‘treat’
Our worms are called rat worms.
The worms probably are really crazy because they had coffee!

We also harvested green onions and Mustard Mizuna Red Streak.
Hooray! Can’t wait to taste it.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Sincerely, Cheyenne



Dear Parents,

Yesterday, we made compost with leaves  (pic 3,4)

We also watered the plants and smashed the leaves

BOY!  It was fun!!

We love garden club and worm club so much!

We put our onions in Spaghetti and it was 10 times yummier!

While we took a walk on Wed, we also picked up trash!  (pic 1, 2)

Sincerely,  Cheyenne



Dear parents,

Today we mixed all our compost mixtures and put it in our new compost bucket.

We are gladly getting closed.

We also made food for the worms and they don’t like onions.

We love garden club

Sincerely, Cheyenne



Dear Parents,

Today we put scrap pieces of paper into our compost then we added water to moist it up.
And our broccoli and Cauliflower started to grow.
We also fed the worms yummy food.
Last of all, we went to the park and had a blast!!!

Sincerely, Cheyenne