Princess Sparkle Our School Dog!

Welcome to my Blog!! I will post some fun and exciting things I get to do so you can grow along with me!!

 June 2022

My birthday is just around the corner, and I will be 7 years old in August. I go to school everyday and make sure all the kids are happy and safe. I have an important job as the security guard. They rely on me to alert the adults when I see someone suspicious. The best part about my job is being outside on the playground. I love to be rubbed and petted by the babies because they don’t crowd me. Sometimes it’s like a stampede with all the love everyone wants to give me and that’s okay too. I am here to be of help to the students whether it is for comfort, protection, or playing.








I came to A+ when I was only 6 weeks old. Gosh, that was a long time ago.








A Day in the Life of a Kindergartner is SO HARD!! I did a GREAT JOB Reading!!




One of the BEST Christmas Gifts!







Guess who I got to meet?!?!? RONALD MCDONALD!! He didn’t give me a happy meal but he was SUPER NICE! Ms. Heather brought me some chicken nuggets and apple slices (which I love!) in a happy meal with a fun toy for lunch!






I’m a lady! I could meet the Queen with this curtsey.                                                                                                                                                                      



Am I cute or what?!?




Check out our New Design to the School! Look I’m the Star!! I posed so

perfectly for my Close Up.








                                                                                           I love to go on walks and exercise with my mom!


I’m Very Good at Sitting for Pictures Now! My Favorite picture is the one I took with my Aunt Heather! I just love her!!

My Christmas Picture! I love that I’m in a Snow Globe!