Outdoor Learning Center

A+ has a New and Wonderful Outdoor Classroom and the Kiddos are Loving it!

Children thrive when their classroom expands to the great outdoors. Their imagination flows freely as they plant and water their garden, search for bugs, and build homes for these creatures. Roly Poly houses have been a big hit! We had to do some Googling to find out about their habitat. Indoor restraints are not holding them back while they are outside painting, playing at the water table, and simply exploring nature. LittleĀ  ones are not ready and should not be sitting at desks much of the day. They need to move…just think of all the times we adults have exclaimed that we wished we had half the energy our kiddos have. With an outdoor classroom children can feel free to run around, blurt out questions, and exclaim in delight as they discover what happens when waterfalls are created at the water table or discover they can create rainbows while watering their fruits and vegetables. In our vegetable garden the class has been watching their tomatoes and strawberries grow. Every time we go out they check to see how much these have grown. I have to say, I was given the honor of having the first tomato. It was delicious! So, while they are outside playing, they are learning all sorts of wonderful things that just cannot be discovered in a classroom setting. Their imaginations are running wild and they are having fun. Here’s to more exploring and learning in the great outdoors!

-Mrs. June